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Study on Automation and Digital Transformation of Intelligent Manufacturing Supply Chain- CEIBS Alumni Logistics & Supply Chain Association visited Feiliks

On July 8, 2021, CEIBS Alumni Logistics & Supply Chain Association (hereinafter referred to as “CEIBS Alumni Association”) visited the Southwest District of Feiliks for investigation. More than 20 CEIBS alumni who participated in the event were engaged in logistics supply chain, investment, big data, intelligent equipment, consulting and other industries. Geng Hao, the President of Feiliks, and Zhu Gang, General Manager of the Southwest District, warmly received them.

The research project is included in the national pilot area for internet of vehicles (the fourth in China and the first in Southwest China), and the “5G + intelligent manufacturing”, and unmanned supply chain sharing and collaboration platform. The CEIBS Alumni Association visited the intelligent operation scenes such as Feiliks’ intelligent multi-layered warehouse and 5G unmanned automatic driving, and investigated the operation control center of the unmanned supply chain collaborative demonstration zone in the comprehensive bonded zone.
In line with the development of the times, Feiliks has built an intelligent multi-layered warehouse by using the foundation of intelligent terminal industry and the practice of digital transformation, and has worked closely with intelligent manufacturing enterprises, well-known universities, communication operators and automobile manufacturers to build an unmanned supply chain collaboration platform based on 5G and automatic driving technology. It has seamlessly integrated intelligent logistics with intelligent manufacturing and achieved remarkable results in efficiency improvement, cost saving and manpower saving, providing strong supply chain support for the intelligent manufacturing industry to improve efficiency.
The operation control center of unmanned supply chain collaborative demonstration zone of comprehensive bonded zone was put into operation for the first time on May 27 this year. The control center is the brain center of the unmanned supply chain collaboration platform, which mainly includes five core modules: zone overview, intelligent storage, unmanned driving, safety management and personnel management. The control system adopts GIS technology to completely realize real scene modeling of the airport in the comprehensive bonded area. With the help of 5G communication, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other technologies, the whole scene data is connected to the comprehensive management platform, and the key data is collected in real time to comprehensively grasp the operation status, so as to realize the management of “people, devices, data, and things” across the fields with one screen. It helps achieve management digitalization and take the emergency initiative, further injecting new energy into the smart city.

The CEIBS alumni highly recognized the integrated logistics solution of Feiliks. Feiliks’ overall innovation solution, research and development and successful implementation play a significant role in improving supply chain efficiency of domestic manufacturing industry. They will use the investigation results for further discussion and sharing, and promote more and more in-depth research and application and promotion in domestic manufacturing industry.