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Feiliks Lead the Implementation and Operation of the Unmanned Supply Chain Sharing Platform of “5G + Intelligent Manufacturing”

——the First Commercial 5G Intelligent Manufacturing ➕ Smart Logistics Integration Signing

On August 23, 2021, the 4th Smart China Expo was grandly opened in Chongqing. Since 2018, Chongqing has continued to promote the development of digital economy, build a whole industry chain of “chips, LCD panels, intelligent terminal, core parts and Internet of Things”, and further scientific and Technological Innovation led by data intelligence. Feiliks Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in the supply chain of high-end manufacturing industry for years. It has taken the lead in building an unmanned supply chain sharing platform project of “5G + Intelligent Manufacturing” in Chongqing to provide customers with end-to-end integrated supply chain solutions and help them digitally transform production and supply chain. As an active participant, it’s honored to be present on this great stage for the fourth time.
This morning, Geng Hao, President of Feiliks, attended the opening ceremony of Smart China Expo in Chongqing and joined hands with the management committee of Chongqing Lianglu/Cuntan Free Trade Port Area, China Telecom Chongqing branch, Lenovo Group and Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications to officially release the unmanned supply chain sharing platform of “5G + Intelligent Manufacturing”, which is located in Chongqing Lianglu/Cuntan Free Trade Port Area. It is the first national auto-driving intelligent logistics and business distribution system with L4 (automatic driving vehicle level 4) and I4 (intelligent road level 4), which has built up a new logistics and transportation system with zero inventory, zero turnover and automatic distribution scheduling.
The project was started in June 2020. The first 5G unmanned automatic driving vehicle was tested and operated on the planned route. The business test was completed in October and officially put into use. The project creates an operation scenario of seamless connection between intelligent logistics and manufacturing, in which the intelligent multi-layered warehouse automatically sorts and delivers the designated goods after the warehouse receives orders; then the goods are transferred to the automatic driving truck through AGV; through 5G + V2X + MEC, coordinated integration of vehicle and road perception, high-precision positioning and other technologies, the truck realizes automatic driving of L4 + I4 levels, safely transports the goods to the manufacturing plant, and realizes a number of automatic driving scenes such as automatic pole lifting at the gate, passing with green waves, overtaking, blind area detection and so on; finally, after the truck arrives at the manufacturing plant, the goods are automatically identified through RFID technology, and transported to the production workshop through AGV to complete the end-to-end business process of order delivery.
After the project is launched, the operation efficiency is improved by 30% and the operation accuracy reaches 100%. At the same time, the customer’s inventory turnover rate is increased by 20%. The zero-inventory management reduces the customer’s inventory capital occupation cost, better optimizes the whole link of the supply chain, visualizes the management process, improves the modern service level of the park, and builds it into a national leading area of Internet of Vehicles in Chongqing, and the demonstration park in Chongqing Lianglu/Cuntan Free Trade Port Area.
In the future, the project will further develop an end-to-end unmanned and digital intelligent manufacturing industry system, build a logistics sharing center of the smart park, serve all factories in the park, open up the upstream, middle and downstream supply chain and improve management efficiency. At the same time, its achievements will widely empower industries such as smart city, smart transportation, smart logistics and smart manufacturing.
Geng Hao pointed out in his keynote speech that Feiliks has always placed scientific and technological innovation in an important strategic layout. In the innovative application of intelligent logistics technology, the company has successively invested in a large number of automatic logistics technology applications and scientific and technological innovation, such as automatic assembly line, automatic warehouse, AGV, RFID technology and 5G unmanned driving, so as to provide customers with better services, and be a reliable supply chain partner of manufacturing enterprises.
Later, Feiliks plans to gradually apply Chongqing’s experience of unmanned supply chain sharing platform of “5G + Intelligent Manufacturing” elsewhere, continue to build smart logistics parks in East and South China, establish shared logistics centers, and accelerate the transformation to science and technology-based enterprises.
After the signing ceremony, Geng Hao, President of Feiliks, visited the booth of partner Lenovo Group and China Telecom Chongqing Branch, and learned about intelligent terminals, cloud computing, 5G cloud network package solutions and other intelligent industry solutions.